What is "Around the Table"? When does it start/end?
Around the table by Mastercard®, now in its third consecutive year, is scheduled to take place from 27th May to 16th June, 2024. This year, emphasizing the celebration of local culinary traditions, a total of 40 handpicked restaurants will create tailor made menus with a maximum price of €40, drawing inspiration from Greek cuisine, exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders. Further information can be found here
How do I make a reservation?
To make a reservation, please visit the official event website at aroundthetable.gr. Choose your desired restaurant from the available options, along with your preferred date and time based on availability. Subsequently, complete your essential contact details and the initial 8 digits of your Mastercard. Lastly, confirm your acceptance of the reservation terms. Should you need any reservation assistance, you can contact at 21 6004 2200 (available Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM, local charges may apply).
I am not a Mastercard® cardholder. Can I make a reservation?
Around the Τable is exclusively available to Mastercard cardholders.
Is there a confirmation for reservations?
Reservations depend on restaurant availability, and the confirmation is sent via email.
Is there a fee for restaurant reservations?
The reservation process is entirely free.
What happens if there are no available tables?
If there are no available tables, you can choose a different time or date or select another restaurant. You can also check again in case there are any cancellations.
Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
You can cancel your reservation using the following methods:

- Through the email you receive upon completing your reservation
- By calling the restaurant

If you wish to change the restaurant or date, you will need to cancel the existing reservation and make a new one according to the restaurant’s availability.
Is it possible to change the reservation time and number of people?
If you wish to change the number of people or the reservation time, you will need to cancel the existing reservation and make a new one according to the restaurant's availability.
How do I get a discount?
The tailor made menus with a value of up to €40, incorporates an exclusive 15% discount for Mastercard cardholders.
Are the menus prices per person?
The menus prices apply to one person.
Are the dishes on the menus per person?
The menus includes dishes that can be served either per person or for sharing.
Are there vegan options on the menus?
Some restaurants have included vegan options on their menus. You can find more information here
What are the invaluable gastronomic experiences?
As part of the event, four (4) priceless gastronomic experiences were created exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders, focusing on the theme of locality. Centered around interaction, these experiences have limited availability, take place on specific dates and times, and require advance payment. Find more information here.
What COVID-19 prevention measures are in place for "Around the Table"?
During the Around the Table event, all operating conditions for restaurants, both indoors and outdoors, as well as the health protocols mandated by law, are in effect. These protocols are followed by the restaurants and guests attending the event.
Is there a social connection with "Around the Table"?
Around the Table is an initiative by Mastercard that celebrates the diversity of Greek culinary culture and promotes sustainable practices, seasonality, and local businesses within the gastronomy sector.